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Live Shows!!! 

Hey everyone!  I was finally able to add some dates on my Schedule page for some upcoming live shows!  Felt really good to update this page.  It's been awhile since I've been able to do that.

Also, the new record is coming along nicely.  Too soon to predict a release date but once the moving parts are nailed down I'll let you know!

New Video Posted! 

Hey gang!  I just added a video to my Joe Video page.  Its a song I performed with my sister in the band, one of my favorites we did together. I miss her so much, and watching this makes me feel like we are together again for 5 minutes.  Hope you enjoy it!

Shutdown Shuffle

Joe Hassell

A free download, but if you'd like to donate something in honor of my sister my Venmo account is @Joseph-Hassell-3. All proceeds will go to Ascension Brighton Recovery Center. Thanks for your support!

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