About Joe

About me...well, I got my start many moons ago as a little lad who picked-up his Dad's acoustic guitar and played along with the radio.  I have always enjoyed listening to many different styles of music.  All of the genres have had an influence and helped me shape my own "style".  At 15, I joined my church's folk group and was inspired to further explore my own creativity.  I've played in a variety of bands in the Metro area, and in 2003 began performing as a solo acoustic artist.

Currently I keep a fairly busy gig schedule and am in the midst of writing material for my new CD.  My first effort entitled "Falling" was recorded in a small studio I set up in a bedroom in my house.  Done mainly as a "learning experience" I received some pretty positive and strong feedback for the title track "Falling" and another track entitled "Stand Back".  I am really looking forward to getting this next CD out and performing the material live.  Stay tuned!